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Extended Reality

Future Development of Virtual Technology in Medical Industry

Nowadays, the healthcare professionals are mainly using the virtual technology to polish their surgical skills,…
Extended Reality

Medical Virtual World

One of the biggest social media Platform has rebranded its name to Meta by adopting…

Global Trends of Telemedicine

According to the WHO, Primary Health Care (PHC) addresses the majority of a person's health…
Engage in one conversation across every channel


With the growing number of messaging channels, it’s become much complicated than ever to manage conversations across channels. OneChat helps to unify message channels into one platform and go beyond AI chatbots with deep learning and analytic capabilities.

Integrating smart office and smart collaboration

OneOffice Solution

Constantly switching between different workplace and different devices has become the new norm, with our OneOffice Solution is not simply a smart office initiative to control IoT device to open the gate or to order a drink, but an idea collaboration platform to interact among teammates locally and regionally.

Find support and start connecting with others in the community

Patient App

By mixing 30% technical stack with 70% of love. We delivered various Patient focuses application on providing help, guidance to patient, their families and curiositor. Help enhancing the quality of life during their journey fighting with disease by providing assessment diary, digitising supporting program application. Smoothen the outpatient operation and management.

Convert data to visual for supporting enterprises

Patient Outcome

Making a better engagement and smoothen the operation flow for HCPs and outpatient by implementing user research, survey and innovation.

Convert data to visual for supporting enterprises

Data Insights

Getting valuable insight from the ETLs process. We guide you through the implementation with regional infrastructure standard. With compliance, data protection and roadmap of sustainability covered.