Engage in one conversation across every channel

One Chat

With the growing number of channels and constantly changing technology, it’s become harder than ever to manage conversations across channels. OneChat helps to unify messenger channels into one platform and go beyond AI chatbots with deep learning and analytic capability.

All-in-one Platform

OneChat is a centralised messaging channel management tool for enterprise to manage tasks, customer, client and performance. It enables users to operate in a systematic way and streamline the workflow.

Task Assignment for Multi Channels

Enable businesses to assign task to different teammates provide real-time engagement across customer touchpoints, and connected customer journeys

AI Customer Segmentation

AI opens a whole new world of customer segmentation. Artificial intelligence can do more than just deliver insights but a new way of communication.

Communication all-in-one

OneChat breaks down silos with a unified conversation that can be shared across sales, support, and marketing

Automate Complicated Workflow

Turning repetitive workflow into a fully automative process.

AI For Insight

OneChat conversational platform incorporates deep learning processing to make machine converse like human-to-human. It could translate context to data for further insights and data analytics.

Custom AI Response Model Training

Industrial-level deep learning algorithm and infrastructure which delivers precise insight in a speedy manner.